Ambulatory Micro-Phlebectomy

Also known as mini-phlebectomy, this procedure is used to treat varicose veins that are too big to be treated with sclerotherapy, yet too small to be treated with laser or radiofrequency ablation. Performed in our vascular center under local anesthesia, micro-phlebectomy bridges the gap between sclerotherapy and more invasive treatments.

What to expect during treatment

While some procedures dissolve the damaged vein, this procedure removes the diseased portions with a specialized instrument shaped like a crochet hook. Guided by ultrasound, the small hook is inserted into the skin through incisions so tiny they require no stiches. With virtually no discomfort to you, the hook pulls sections of bulging superficial veins toward the surface for removal.

The number of skin incisions are determined by the extent of the treatment area. The entire procedure takes less than an hour to complete and is very effective at reducing the appearance of your varicose veins and restoring their natural function. You will walk out of the office and most likely return to work the next day with minimal to no side effects or scaring.

Micro-phlebectomy has an exceptional success rate and is often performed in conjunction with endovenous laser therapy.


  • Treated legs will be wrapped with an elastic bandage for an hour or two, and compression stockings may be required for several days to ensure that the treated veins remain closed.
  • Beyond that, regular daily activity can be resumed immediately following treatment.
  • Minimal to moderate bruising should expected for about two to four weeks.
  • Follow-up sclerotherapy may be needed for any remaining small spider veins.